In the kingdom of enjoyment, immerse yourself in the incredible beauty world in AlpenSchlössl

Live like a king

Choose from one of our numerous beauty treatments and experience wonderful hours of relaxation. The facial treatments are tailor made to your individual skin requirements and your wishes. Simply choose your feel-good time and put your trust in our hands. You will feel like new!

Facial treatment in accordance with THALGO

Facial treatments

THALGO treatment 50 mins
80 mins
€ 75,00
€ 95,00
THALGO anti aging facial treatment 80 mins € 112,00
Micro exfoliating dermabrasion 25 mins
15 mins
25 mins
€ 45,00
€ 22,00
€ 38,00
Maritim short treatment 25 mins € 45,00
Anti aging eye treatment
25 mins € 41,00

50 minutes wellness time: Need analysis of the skin, cleaning, peeling, alternatively with depth cleaning or facial massage, active substance concentrate, cream mask and final care.
80 minutes wellness time: Need analysis of the skin, cleaning, peeling, depth cleaning, active substance concentrate, face-/neck- and neckline-massage, special mask and final care.

Facial treatment in accordance with !QMS

Facial treatments

!QMS facial treatment 50 mins
85 mins
€ 85,00
€ 125,00
!QMS special depth cleaning
80 mins € 95,00
!QMS short oxygen treatment 45 mins € 62,00

Pamper treatments

Additional facial treatment


Eyelash colouration - € 20,00
Eyelash colouration in combination with facial treatment - € 15,00
Eyebrow colouration and shape - € 20,00
Eyebrow colouration and shape in combination with facial treatment - € 15,00
Mask with eye pads - € 10,00
Facial massage 25 mins € 38,00
Manual lymph drainage for face 25 mins € 38,00

Hair removal with warm wax

Hair removal

Whole legs - € 44,00
Up to the knee - € 38,00
Upper lip or chin - € 13,00
Bikini line - € 25,00
Armpits - € 18,00
Back or chest - € 28,00

Hand and nail care

Hand and nail care

Classic manicure without nail varnish (with nail vanish 50mins) 40 mins
50 mins
€ 38,00
€ 43,00
Wellness manicure: Classic manicure without nail varnish. 55 mins € 56,00
!QMS hand treatment: Intensive peeling, hand wrap and massage provide smooth and soft cultivated skin. 25 mins € 38,00
Velvet paws: Ideally against dry, cracked skin with peeling, hand massage and paraffin packet. 25 mins € 38,00
Medical pedicure (with nail vanish 60 mins) 50 mins
60 mins
€ 54,00
€ 59,00
Wellness pedicure: Herbs foot bath, peeling, classic foot care, wrap and massage. 80 mins € 85,00
Happy Feet: The absolute care for the feet with peeling, cream packet and foot massage. 25 mins € 38,00
Nail vanish (only in combination with manicure or pedicure)
10 mins € 5,00
French polish (only in combination with manicure or pedicure)
15 mins € 10,00
OPI Permanent Nails: Permanent nail varnish immediately drily and scratch-resistant, holds in the hands up to 3 weeks, on the feet up to 6 weeks. Complete set with nails shorten/polish and pushback cuticle (surcharge for peducure or maniure € 18,00 | remove € 10,00). - € 38,00
Treatment in the water bed

Treatment in the water bed

After we have applied the care products, you then lie floating and gently rocking on a tempered surface: filled with approx. 37 °C warm water, which does not however come into contact with your skin. We recommend, before every body pack, a whole body peeling to increase the absorption and to increase the metabolism.

Water bed body pack

Water bed body packs

Algae body pack: 100% pure natural micropulverized algaes reduce water aggregations and fat depots. With finishing care. 45 mins € 58,00
Goat´s milk creme pack: Maintaining body packet, ideally for dry and scaly skin. 25 mins € 42,00
Evening primrose oil cream bath: Extensive care, ideally also by Neurodermitis and Psoriasis. 25 mins € 42,00
Pomegranate cream pack 25 mins € 42,00

Full body peeling

Full body peeling
20 mins € 35,00

Slimming and toning treatment for him & her


Frigi-Thalgo wet wraps: Cool wrap watered strengthens the connective tissue. Tired, heavy legs are revitalized. 25 mins € 42,00
Cellulite massage 25 mins € 38,00
Anti cellulite contouring treatment from !QMS: A tightening and form-giving treatment, which was developed exclusively for belly, hip and thigh. Two special, in synergy working products, purify and stimulate. For obviously positive results. This treatment includes a whole body scrub, purifying massage, thermo pack with foot massage and a final care. 80 mins € 89,00

Water is the trump card ... entice the senses and the pleasantness of the water on the body, and we take time for a bath to indulge our body, mind and soul!

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