Who dares to go up the Geisterberg (Ghost Mountain) with its magic castle, numerous ghosts and legendary characters?

Adventure Park Geisterberg

Gspensti and Spuki hang around and guide the numerous curious visitors around the Ghost Mountain. In a wonderful panoramic location, you can find different ghosts, the longest slides, swings and a hiking and nature experience of a very special kind.
Ghost castle

Fairy tale and mythical world up on the Geisterberg (Ghost Mountain)

  • Ghost castle
  • Well-maintained, ghostly hiking paths around the Gernkogel
  • Panorama towers
  • Climbing mountains
  • Giant slides
  • Krampus caves
  • Aerial swings
  • Shooting galleries
  • Water games
  • Mill wheels
  • Waterfalls
  • Ghost lake with a ferry

You can get up the Geisterberg with the Alpendorf cable car and from the top station you can take the ghost train. The bottom station is only a two minute walk away from the hotel.

Fun on the Ghost Mountain
Besides the hiking and nature experience, water, air, fire and earth ghosts ensure that there is some variety
As well as the ghosts, there are also dwarves, fairies, mermaids and other magical creatures on the Geisterberg on the Gernkogel. Panorama towers, giant slides, aerial swings, water games and a large ghost castle invite you to have a magical adventure. Mill wheels, shooting galleries, climbing mountains and Krampus caves means that there is plenty of variety. And the dragon path has many surprises for both the children and the adults. Whoever has solved all the tasks correctly, can look forward to getting a ghost locket.
Großansicht öffnenMagic castle
Großansicht öffnenHaving fun with the family
Großansicht öffnenView from the mountain to the valley
Großansicht öffnenClimbing fun
Großansicht öffnenGhost lake
Großansicht öffnenOn the ferry
Großansicht öffnenSleeping dwarfs
Großansicht öffnenSpuki & Gspensti
Großansicht öffnenPlayground
Großansicht öffnenHaving fun
Großansicht öffnenUp and away through the ghost gate
Hotel AlpenSchlössl - the castle in the Alps in St. Johann im Pongau

The legend of the castle in the Alps

Many years ago, on a farm in a small mountain village in Salzburger Land, there lived a hardworking boy called Johannes, who worked year in, year out, from dawn to dusk, to avoid the wrath of his domineering and strict father. His brothers had long gone off into the wide world and therefore he got up day after day before the sun rose and worked hard without any pay until night fall and carried out his daily chores.

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