An incredible children’s paradise in Alpendorf where fun experiences await little adventurers

Alpendorf Adventure Playground

A short walk of two minutes takes you to the adventure playground, with a little bit of extra class! The children’s paradise in Alpendorf offers pure action. Whilst you are sitting comfortably on a bench, enjoying the sunshine and listening to the tweeting of the birds, your children are having a great time!

A real children’s paradise – here your children can really let off some steam

  • Fun court for football, basketball or volleyball
  • Giant rope slide
  • Bouncy castle
  • Mini golf
  • Climbing tower, carousel, swings, giant slide, mini digger and much more

A place where big and small adventurers can experience unspeakable adventures and wake up every day full of anticipation – that is a family holiday at AlpenSchlössl.

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