This is how your exciting holiday week could look like at AlpenSchlössl

AlpenSchlössl Kids Club

There is always something going on at the AlpenSchlössl Kids Club! The free childcare is on offer for little ones aged 3 and over. The great fun and games programme with our fairy takes place on Mondays through to Fridays. The supervision times in summer are from 9am to 5pm (including lunch) and in winter from 3pm to 9pm.
Children's programme - excursion to the adventure mountain

An excerpt from the exciting, varied children’s programme

  • We visit our bunnies – these can be stroked and fed
  • We collect natural materials and make something out of them
  • We play mini golf or visit the adventure playground
  • Children’s Olympics with sack races, egg and spoon races, bowling etc – with a prize giving ceremony
  • Grilling sausages over the campfire
  • Who can make the nicest picture with beads?
  • We paint gym bags – who wants to do this?
  • So that you can hang up your pictures at home, we make picture frames.
  • Party time: Fun games await you: journey to Jerusalem, musical statues ...
  • Children face and fingernail painting
  • Winter baking: Now we are chefs. We will make snowmen and colourful rabbits, which can then be enjoyed at the end or given as a present.
  • Cinema evening – We relax and enjoy a funny film with popcorn
  • Detective party – all good noses are needed
  • Window colouring – the brighter the better
  • Colour by numbers – choose from different pictures and colour with us
  • During the experiment hour, all children become inventors. Whether magic writing or a parachute, for us nothing is new.
The children's programme changes from week to week and is of course dependent upon the time of year.

Kids' holiday programme

The entire programme is free of charge for guests of St. Johann in Salzburg.

Monday: Yoga for kids
Beginning: 10:00 am | Meeting point: Village park, St. Johann centre
Length of time: 1 hour | Participants: max. 8 people

Tuesday: Herbal-experience walk
Beginning: 10:00 am | Meeting point: Rothofweg 28, Schaidreitbauer
Length of time: 2 hours | Participants: max. 15 people

Wednesday: Programme item from the culture:plattform
Beginning: 16:00 pm | Meeting point: Village park, St. Johann centre

Thursday: All about farm animals
Beginning: 10:00 am | Meeting point: Biobauernhof Reiterhof, Maschl 3, 5600 St. Johann
Length of time: 2 hours | Participants: max. 15 people

Friday: Forest workshop
Beginning: 10:00 Uhr | Meeting point: Zederberghof, Alpendorfweg 9
Length of time: 2 hours | Participants: max. 10 people

Registration for the children's programme by 4.00 pm the day before at the latest at the St. Johann Tourist Office on +43 6412 6036 or [email protected].

AlpenSchlössl Children's garden of experience

Whether handicrafts, painting, romping around or an Indian day with sausages – our “fairy“ has a big heart for children and always comes up with something new and exciting for the children to do. A visit up to the Geisterberg and to the adventure playground is a must in the summer!
Farm experience day
Drive to the junior bosses' home, the "Schnürholz" farm
A farm experience day with tractor drives, stroking animals, stable visits etc. is often the weekly highlight for the whole family. After an interesting visit and guided tour with Hansi, then you can try the products which are made on the farm. The visit is then finished off with some funny games for both big and small.
Großansicht öffnenExcursion to the farm
Großansicht öffnenFarm experience day
Großansicht öffnenSmall pond
Großansicht öffnenFresh eggs
Großansicht öffnenCows on a meadow
Großansicht öffnenKids with flowers
Großansicht öffnenBerries
Großansicht öffnenPlaying in the hay
Großansicht öffnenFresh glass of milk
Großansicht öffnenCurious goat
Großansicht öffnenSwinging
Großansicht öffnenMini zoo with bunnies
Großansicht öffnenGoats
Großansicht öffnenPlaying with water
Hotel AlpenSchlössl - the castle in the Alps in St. Johann im Pongau

The legend of the castle in the Alps

Many years ago, on a farm in a small mountain village in Salzburger Land, there lived a hardworking boy called Johannes, who worked year in, year out, from dawn to dusk, to avoid the wrath of his domineering and strict father. His brothers had long gone off into the wide world and therefore he got up day after day before the sun rose and worked hard without any pay until night fall and carried out his daily chores.

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