Warm greetings at the Schlössl in the Alps

Be our guest. Remain our friend.

Your holiday days at AlpenSchlössl should be something special! An extended holiday or a few spa days, being sporty and active or experiencing some culinary delights, spending time with the family or simply just taking some time for yourself. The AlpenSchlössl is family run – the homely atmosphere, the stylish ambiance and personal care from the host family, means that you feel welcome from the very first moment.
A warm welcome - Your host Families Keil and Viehhauser

The AlpenSchlossl is a hotel for a relaxing feel good holiday, for those who enjoy sport and for the whole family

Elfi runs the Hotel AlpenSchlössl together with Hansi. A lot is undertaken with the guests throughout the course of the weekly programme, whereby the guests will also laugh and be amazed. Of course, energetically supported by the senior boss Hansi, who likes to show the guests the nature and the mountains of this beautiful region. Also, both of the sons Maximilian and Johannes like to be a part of the “children’s entertainment“. They get to know the whole family during their stay and our motto is  "be our guest, remain our friend". This then of course applies to you!

We would be delighted to (once again) be able to be your hosts!

Peace and comfort in the middle of a wonderful location

Situated in the middle of a breath-taking panorama, in a central location, in the holiday paradise of St.Johann-Alpendorf, 60 km south of the festival city of Salzburg, we are a sought-after holiday destination for both your summer and winter holiday and can offer you a unique experience of nature.
Hotel AlpenSchlössl - the castle in the Alps in St. Johann im Pongau

The legend of the castle in the Alps

Many years ago, on a farm in a small mountain village in Salzburger Land, there lived a hardworking boy called Johannes, who worked year in, year out, from dawn to dusk, to avoid the wrath of his domineering and strict father. His brothers had long gone off into the wide world and therefore he got up day after day before the sun rose and worked hard without any pay until night fall and carried out his daily chores.

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